Grow With Confidence

Odoo has a vast amount of highly configurable features that cover many aspects of business. Taking into account the possibilities of extending and modifying existing features, and also developing new ones, things can easily get complicated when choosing an implementation strategy.

Given our experience with Odoo projects (since 2013, more than 60 projects) and knowledge of the ecosystem, we are able to set you on the right path so that you get the most value out of using Odoo for your business. Naturally as your business grows your needs will change and Odoo should follow along in order for you to be efficient and effective in your work. We will be there guiding you to make the right choices so that you continue to reap the benefits of an ever evolving software that is improved daily.

The OdooUp Team

MSc. Kiril Vangelovski

Consultant, Full-Stack Web Developer  

Kiril has more than 6 years experience in working with web based information systems. He first really got interested in the area at the end of his undergraduate studies in Economics (eBusiness) at the Ss. Kiril and Methodius University in Skopje. He thought himself programming and enrolled in the masters programme "Systems Engineering and Informatics" at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, where he graduated with highest honors. He started his first company KITEK and started working as a subcontractor on various small web based projects. Briefly after he partnered up with another company to form HAKBI, which specialized in providing services to other high profile Odoo partners. He participated on various Odoo projects both as developer (front-end / back-end / dev ops) and a project manager, while also leading the team at the branch in Skopje. In 2018 he started Lambda IS whose mission is to enable companies of all sizes to benefit from quality open-source business solutions such as Odoo. He is a fan of Linux, Emacs, functional programming, and all things open-source.

MSc. Anica Vangelovska

Consultant, Project Manager

Anica started her career as a business information systems consultant in 2013. Initially, she was a consultant for a proprietary ERP business software solution, but soon moved on to working with open source business applications. Having a bachelor degree in Economics and a master in System Engineering and Informatics, proved to be a good combination for a business consultant in the information technology and services industry. She has worked on a number of projects, both as a sole project manager and as part of a bigger team. Communication with clients, gathering their requirements, and working with developers in order to achieve them, as well as organizing training meetings are a part of her responsibilities.