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How It Actually Works

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OdooUp is the easiest way to get started with Odoo. Just fill in the form and get your own Odoo instance within minutes.

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All apps are unlocked and available to install and use. 

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Whether you need complete implementation services or a brand new app developed to fit your unique process, we are here to help you on every step of the way of using OdooUp.

What Is Included?

Free support

All OdooUp users get free support. Just contact us using the email you signed up with whenever you need our help.

Regular maintenance

All Odoo instances are regularly updated with the latest security and bug fixes so that you can use the system without any unpleasant surprises.

Get started with Odoo the right way

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Quick Setup, Awesome Features

Cost effective

Running your own Odoo requires expertise for setting up and maintenance which can get costly. By using the cloud you get the operational experience of our team ensuring a regularly updated and stable system at a fraction of the cost.  

No lock-in

Our cloud is based on the Odoo Community Edition and runs only free and open-source apps licensed under AGPL or LGPL. This means you will be free to use them in the future without restrictions in whatever environment you choose.

Simple pricing

We know how challenging it can be to start a business. We want you to succeed so all apps are free of charge on our cloud. You'll have all tools at your disposal and you can use any of them that can help your business. Our pricing is instead based on the number of active employee accounts. Pay only as you grow!

Google Cloud Platform

Built on top of the same infrastructure which powers Google Search. Our modern cloud architecture allows us to easily scale up resources when there are usage spikes so that the performance and stability of individual Odoo instances is not effected. 


The internet is full of threats and Odoo being a web system is not exempt of them. We ensure that all our Odoo instances use HTTPS by default, are regularly updated and have only trusted apps available.

Growing in features

We are constantly improving our platform and already have planned for features such as: use custom domains, duplicating an Odoo instance for testing purposes, downloading and restoring previous backups, adding new apps.